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"It’s an overwhelming experience to be involved in a car crash where there are fatalities, totaled vehicles and a lot of medical bills. I really didn’t want to involve a lawyer because I was not at fault. However, it became too much when I started receiving all the bills from hospitals, doctors, car insurance, and so on. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer than Staci to help me through this difficult time. She was empathetic yet thorough in helping me to assess my situation and the options available to me. She immediately gained my trust and confidence because of her pragmatic approach and professionalism. Because of Staci, we were able to resolve everything in a reasonable period of time with positive results. There’s no doubt that if I ever need an attorney for any situation, Staci will be the first one I call!"

"After a serious personal injury accident, I consulted Staci Hartman-Nelson, who was referred to me by a relative. She was amazing in the way in which she took over every aspect of investigating my claim and working with me though the entire process. Staci is very knowledgeable and proficient regarding legal matters and the law, and did not hesitate to answer my many questions while we were working together. For me, she turned a long, difficult, confusing process into a simple matter of just being where I needed to be, when I needed to be there. And, the end result was more than I could have imagined it would be. I am very happy to recommend Staci to any of my friends or relatives, who need help with personal injury or workers' compensation issues."

Bonita F.

Jody F.

"I found that Staci and her staff were very professional and caring people. My case was a little complex since it was a slip and fall case. The fall was caught on surveillance. It was long and drawn out, but I hear that is normal. I was dealing with personal family issues at the same time and after a long time, I called Staci and told her I was willing to settle out of court, if the other party would. She told me it was up to me and in no way pressured me to take it to trial. She felt we had a good solid case, but I had been under so much stress from my husband’s health issues and the suit, I felt it was best not to go to court and Staci accepted by wishes. I appreciate what they did for me."

Sandra K.

"My husband and I met Staci Hartman-Nelson in 2008 during a very difficult time in our life. Our lives had just been turned upside down and we needed help. We did not know where to turn and we needed someone to help us navigate the legal system. When we met Staci, she put us instantly at ease by showing her compassion and concern first for our situation, and then calmly telling us what we needed to hear. Staci wanted us to focus on our recovery and she would focus on the rest. Because Staci has such a calming presence, we instantly trusted her and we have never regretted placing our trust in her. She explained every step of the process to us and we always believed that she had our best interest at heart. We were blessed to have found Staci and have her on our side and fighting for us. We did exactly as she said, we focused on recovering and let her handle the rest. That was the best decision we could have made. Her compassion and genuine caring for us made all the difference. We are so thankful to Staci."

"A few years ago, I was involved in a traffic accident. I was fortunate enough to receive a referral to Hartman-Nelson Law Office. After the experience, I have had only positive things to say and will be glad to give her name to anyone who may be in need of the services she offers!


From the time I first contacted the office, Staci and her staff impressed me with their professionalism and knowledge. They explained every aspect of how the process would work. Any time that I had questions or concerns, I always received a quick and informed response.  At no time did I have to wonder how my case was progressing, as I received updates as they developed.


When I had plateaued with my medical improvement, Hartman-Nelson Law Office wrapped up my case in a timely fashion. When the settlement was final, Staci handled all of the medical expenses and I receive my settlement. I was very satisfied by what she was able to negotiate. She took care of all of the details and made sure that everything was thoroughly explained to me at the end of case."

Barb K.

Vicky and Wes P.

"In 2013 my pregnant wife and our other two children were in a car accident. A truck hit them from behind while they were stopped at a stop sign. I can remember being very concerned when my wife called me at work to tell me about the accident and that she was on the way to the hospital for observations of her and our child she was pregnant with.


After having a child born three months early at 1 lb 12 oz, and trying to balance life between our kids at home and a three month hospital stay at the NICU at UNMC, life was challenging to say the least.


The insurance company of the person who caused the accident contacted my wife and me and asked us if we’d consider a settlement with them. Not ever experiencing anything like this before, I reached out to a trusted friend who practices law in Arizona. My friend told me to have a lawyer help us as this was something we did not want to try and negotiate on our own.  My friend checked with some colleagues he had in the Omaha area, and after talking to several of them my friend told my wife and I we needed to contact Hartman-Nelson Law Office. My friend told me that several other lawyers in the Omaha area had great things to say about Hartman-Nelson Law Office and their ability to get results.


My wife and I called Hartman-Nelson Law Office and spoke to Staci. Staci took the time to listen to what had happened to our family and recommended we come to her office for a consultation. After the recommendation from my friend and meeting with Staci in person we knew Staci was the right person to help us.


Staci and her team worked hard on our case and helped provide the knowledge we needed. Staci promptly replied to our emails and answered our phone calls providing us updates of where we were at and what the next step was. Some other law firms might not have provided us the time and attention we received because our case was not a large enough one, but Hartman-Nelson Law Office always treated us wonderfully which we very much appreciated.


Thank you Hartman-Nelson Law Office for your efforts on my family’s case. We’re thankful for everything you did on our case, allowing us to focus on our family."

Rea F.

"Ms. Hartman-Nelson made us feel comfortable from the minute we walked into her office. She was confident about our case which took a huge weight off our shoulders. She asked us to hand her our entire folder of documentation we’d been collecting ourselves for months before deciding to hire an attorney. She said, “I’ve got this now – don’t worry about spending one more minute working on or worrying about this.” During the time she worked on our case, she was always accessible, approachable and friendly. We were very impressed with her attention to detail and careful research. She thoroughly answered all our questions before, during and after we met with the opposing council and the Judge. Ms. Hartman-Nelson worked diligently for us and ultimately we won our case! We are very pleased and highly recommend Staci Hartman-Nelson."

Becky and Bryan S.

"Staci and her receptionist were very compassionate and helpful to my family in my time of need and I would refer Hartman-Nelson Law to anyone that would need her expertise."

Elizabeth S.

"I was referred to Hartman-Nelson Law Office by a local dentist that I used to work for and upon meeting Staci, I instantly felt at ease. While I was completely clueless and had a million questions, Staci helped me every step of the way. Anytime I had questions, Staci walked me through it, and put everything into layman's terms for me.


She took what was a terrible event and made everything bearable. I am forever grateful for her polite and down to earth demeanor, as well as her 'get stuff done' attitude. She was the perfect combination of easy to talk to and someone you could put your trust in. Never once did I doubt her ability to get the result I was looking for.


Thanks so much Staci, for making a bad situation so bearable!"

Patty S.

"Staci was the best attorney that I have ever worked with. She was there to answer all my questions and help me with whatever I needed. It was as though I was talking to family member with the hospitality that she treated me with. I was able to focus on my recovery after my accident and not worry at all about anything else because I knew she had it all under control. I would highly recommend her to family or friends with a personal injury or workers' compensation claims.


BEST ATTORNEY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Matt W.