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Beware of insurance adjusters who are eager to settle immediately following an injury. Get honest, professional advice before making the decision to settle your claim.


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If you have suffered injury as a result of an automobile accident or a slip and fall accident, you have sustained what is called a personal injury. Just because an injury occurs, does not necessarily mean that someone was negligent and should therefore be responsible for your damages.


In order to prove that another individual or corporation was negligent, you must show that four factors are present: Duty, Breach, Causation and Damages. These are issues that insurance companies look at when evaluating and potentially denying a claim.


After any accident occurs, the injured person should do their best to obtain as much information about the accident as possible. This includes the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident, photographs of the scene of the accident, and any other information which may seem important at the time.


Listening to your body and seeking any necessary medical treatment is also very important following an accident. The longer one waits to seek medical treatment, the more questionable one’s claim becomes for the insurance company.


If negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful and you are forced to file suit, an injured person is entitled to seek compensation for all damages they incurred.


It is important to begin handling your case from day one as though it will be taken to trial, although most cases are able to be settled short of litigation. That is why retaining an experienced trial attorney as soon as possible after an accident occurs is the best course of action.


Staci Hartman-Nelson lives in the Omaha Metro area and represents injured people across the entire state of Nebraska.

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Receive full and fair compensation

•  Medical expenses

   - Pharmacy expenses

   - Hospital

   - Chiropractor

   - Physical therapy

•  Property damage

•  Pain and suffering

•  Lost wages

•  Loss of earning capacity

•  Future medical expenses

•  Loss of consortium/companionship


Seek repayment for all damages including:

Handling a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall case, or other personal injury claim can be a frustrating and confusing process. Don't deal with the medical bills, time off from work, and permanent injuries on your own. Let our experienced staff deal with the insurance companies and help you get the compensation you deserve. We can also represent you when dealing with a workers' compensation claim.


We can help with:


•  Auto accidents

•  Motorcycle accidents

•  Trucking accidents

•  Slip and falls

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